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Per our credit card processor we can ship ONLY to the "Bill to" address on your order.  


We ship +95%  of our web orders within 3-5 business days of receipt of correct order, most ship even faster than that.

Please actually read the FAQ and order/return policy BEFORE hitting the "I Agree" button.  We try very hard to explain in detail the process for ordering and pricing (website price is correct) and what the process is for returns.  By explaining the process in detail and requiring that the customer read it before ordering there can be no misunderstanding.  The entire process is laid out and agreed to before ordering.

Starting with order 32842 we are producing all of our 10.25", 11.5", 16" HBar and 16" Lightweight uppers and parts kits with CARBINE handguards (not M4), until further notice. 


Blackthorne Products is proud to offer FREE SHIPPING on most of our AR15 type parts kits!  (NOT .308 Caliber AR kits or Galil type parts kits) Please note the following conditions apply:

 1.    Free shipping is on most COMPLETE AR15 TYPE PARTS KITS only!  Free shipping does not apply to anything other than a complete parts kit (ie. parts, upper halves, accessories etc) or special sale kits.  It does not apply to orders with a combination of parts/accessories and parts kits (for instance, if you order a scope mount AND a parts kit on the same order you WILL BE CHARGED SHIPPING for the entire order).  In order to qualify for free shipping the order must include COMPLETE PARTS KITS ONLY.

2.    Free shipping is to the lower 48 states only (shipping will be charged to HI and AK)

3.    Free shipping items are sent UPS ground.

4.    Free shipping is for web orders ONLY, phone and mail order do not qualify for free shipping.

5.    The web site will list a total before you check out and pay, please check this total very carefully to ensure that your order is eligible for free shipping.  If the website lists a shipping charge on your order you will be charged shipping if you complete the transaction. Do NOT complete the transaction if you do not 100% agree with the terms and the price as listed on your sales receipt including shipping!!

All items are as is.  Please ensure that you read the terms and conditions before ordering.